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  • Display to be mounted in the steering wheel for an immediate reading of data
  • RPM Cable. It reads-time engine RPM data and displays them on the monitor
  • Timing sensor. It allows timing and sector capture at each lap
  • Water sensor + cable. It allows water temperature measuring and limit control through an alarm led
  • Rechargeable battery + Cable for lithium battery inside the monitor
  • Speed sensor
  • Data logger micro-box. Interface allowing the data recording for future PC analysis; it also includes accelerometers, longitudinal and lateral G-force sensors for the circuit mapping. Export of data is possible through data cable or Bluetooth. This way it is not necessary to stay close to the kart while downloading data.
  • Micro-box support
  • USB cable

Next-generation system supplying important parameters to engineers and driver. All data can be downloaded (by way of the Data log m-box) and converted to graphic formats.
Graphics allow evaluating the lap-timings, RPM, speed and water temperature anyway along the circuit.
Data of different laps, of the same test session or of several test sessions can be compared.
Thanks to accelerometers, which the m-box is equipped with, it is possible to draw the track planimetry and evaluate any chassis acceleration of deceleration point, important data for the performance analysis.

Conceived for drivers and engineers who wish to accurately examine in depth and analyse the chassis lap by lap and anytime during the competition.


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